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10 Litre Controlled Drug Denaturing Kit – As low as £38

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Controlled drug denaturing kit, single use, for the safe destruction of controlled drugs. Contains Drugshel™

Container for the denaturing of controlled drugs. Also known as doom kits or doop jars.

Size: 10 litre.

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Controlled drug denaturing kit instructions;

  1. Remove container lid.
  2. Fill with medication, no more than half full.
  3. Replace the container lid & shake the powder around to ensure the powder has encased the contents.
  4. Again remove container lid, fill to capacity with water.
  5. Replace the container lid securely, shake thoroughly for 30 seconds and the contents will then congeal. Drugshel ™ has now been activated.
  6. Store in controlled drugs cabinet for 48 hours after activation.
  7. Dispose of via authorised medical waste contractor.

Once the agent has been activated, Drugshel ™ then prevents the retrieval and the consumption of the contents.

Drugshel™ powder encapsulates the medication and contains a bitter tasting additive. It’s coloured blue and has an unpleasant smell to deter anyone from trying to retrieve or swallow the contents. The ingredients do not contain any harmful chemicals. It’s neither toxic, nor carcinogenic, making it one of the safest CD kits on the market.

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